Casino To Offer More Efficient Deposit Function

PokerStars, the only major online poker company that is still offering services to US players, has recently announced its intentions of making available to its American clientele the eCheck service that was formally offered. This is the exclusive instant deposit service that gained popularity the company’s US players after the exit of Neteller from the US market. A message posted on the cashier section of the PokerStars  announces that Instant eChecks are now being made available to a restricted number of players, with plans in the near future to make eChecks available to all U.S. players.

In order to use the electronic checking service players must provide PokerStars with detailed banking information so that funds may be taken directly from a via Electronic Fund Transfer specific checking account. According to this plan the smallest amount that may be transferred via eCheck is $25. At the same time the maximum is set at $600 within any 24 hour period or within seven days. There is also a 30 day maximum of $2,000.

Casino To Offer More Efficient Deposit FunctionBefore the service is made available to any player there are extensive verification processes that must be passed through. This may have the effect of slowing down the initial transaction. But following this, assuming that there are no problems with respect to a player’s depositing record, PokerStars claims that players will experience instant depositing. At the same time it is possible for those players that wish to withdraw money from their PokerStars account to use this service in order to re-deposit money back into their checking account if this is their desire.. This service is being provided through DUN Finance Inc. The company has been effectively dealing with online transactions for Internet sites since 2001.

Paddy Power Report Has Fun With English Poker Players

It is not the most serious or useful report to be published about the online poker industry, yet, to say the least, it serves to be entertaining. The report in question is the one undertaken by Ireland’s top online bookie and casino gambling site, Paddy Power. Scheduled for online publication near the beginning of 2006, the report was compiled from survey results taken from Paddy Power members who like to play online poker in addition to online casino games.

Strictly for fun-fare, the report revealed that over half of all poker players have gambled at their computer either fully naked or in their underwear, that over half of online gamblers would rather play online poker than have sex, that close to 33% would trade off their partner for $1 million, that nearly half have lied in order to play a hand of poker online, and that almost 10% of those surveyed say they have hurt themselves while gambling in the online casino.

Specifically targeting poker account holders located in the UK and Ireland, the report is called Poker 2006: The State of Play, and features some interesting demographic results that could lead to some heightened, good-natured rivalry between the UK and Ireland. One section of the report shows that UK poker players are better than Irish players overall, while the best players reside in Dublin. The worst poker players came out of Cork and London, so the report claims. And while the Londoners made of the bulk of bad players, some of the best were Welsh.

The report will be published soon with many more quirky and interesting facts. A few other questions worth mentioning are regarding what historical figure the majority of players would like to throw down bets against, as well as who would win in a poker match between the world’s most popular leaders.