German Campaign in Support of Online Gambling Continues

Going over a month strong, the coalition to help bring awareness to German citizens about gambling monopolies in Germany, as well as their legal rights to gamble at online casinos, is now planning to expand its message to all of Europe. What could be interpreted as a direct violation of European Commission regulations, the activities of gambling and lottery monopolies in Europe are getting more attention from the public these days.

The campaign’s main purpose is to raise the public’s awareness of legal developments that have been initiated, and which could further infringe on the rights of those who enjoy online casino gambling from within German borders. Public propaganda began to be published prior to the legislative discussions regarding the new lottery bill in Germany, which contains provisions to ban German online casinos.

Organized by the head’s of Austrian online gambling company, Bwin, which include CEO Manfred Bodner, who was arrested in France in September of last year for apparently violating French gambling regulations, the campaign includes media advertising on billboards at German soccer stadiums that read “Kein Monopol” and “Freies Wetten”, each of which address the lottery monopoly and free rights to gamble online.

Legislative discussions regarding the new lottery bill began taking place between sixteen German province Prime Minister’s in mid December, 2006. In one meeting, all but one Prime Minister voted in support of illegalizing online casino gambling in Germany. This is precisely what the European Betting Association does not what. According to Manfred Bodner, the hope is that more and more European citizens will become aware of the violations of gambling monopolies in Europe and will begin speaking out for themselves.

Casino and Bingo Industry Feeling GameTech and Melange

German Campaign in Support of Online Gambling ContinuesTwo of the bingo industry’s leading software and equipment manufactures have joined forces once again to bring new products to the casino and gaming markets. GameTech Int., which is a powerhouse in electronic bingo commodities and backend software, announced they will be using the services of Melange Computer Services Inc. to help integrate GameTech’s newly developed software/hardware systems.

Although the exact details of this integration were not released, Bill Wei, President of Melange, commented that the steps the two companies were taking together would help to optimize the processing of electronic bingo sales. Most likely, this means the companies are doing what many online casino sites do – handle online financial transactions with the utmost security, and payout casino players in the fastest and most efficient method possible.

Although this will not likely affect the online casino industry, it will surely help the land-based casino and bingo hall industry. Both companies have been contributing to the evolution of the scene for several years now – And Melange Computer Services is renown in producing seamless integration in all facets of casino gambling operations.

Both companies have designed and implemented gaming products that most bingo and casino players do not even realize they are using. The two behind-the-scene companies have been steadily coming out to the forefront, which is evident in their newly appointed deal and consistent breakthroughs in making the bingo and casino industries operate with the best technology and operations management systems possible.