Online Casino Scams Surface in Denver

Online Casino Scams Surface in Denver

A scam has been uncovered in which a Denver “businessman”, David Howe, took several people for thousands of dollars, promising them quick riches from operating their own online casino. After several victims filed complaints, a local news channel brought some light to the scandal, which in turn, got the attention of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Arizona Department of Gaming.

Not only did Howe promise investors they could make $25,000 in three months, he was producing online casino s, that Colorado law dictates an illegal activity. The scam said that investors could have their very own online casino with an investment as little as $999. Only after Howe’s company, Venture Concepts, built the makeshift  with rudimentary casino software, would he then inform his purchasers they would need to dish out thousands of more dollars to advertise the site and get traffic coming in. It was a money-trap in all senses of the word.

The enormously booming online gambling industry was a strong temptation for buyers, which Howe used to inspire their hopes of getting a portion of the multi-billion industry. However, Howe failed to mention that the online casino gambling industry is one of the most competitive industry’s out there as well – and that only a handful of large gaming companies and online casino operators are taking in the greatest portion of revenue.

Colorado’s Attorney General, John Suthers, commented that if Howe was indeed creating online casinos and promoting internet gaming, he would have indeed been participating in an illegal activity. Already, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation has searched Howe’s Venture Concepts office and confiscated computers and records that were found in a nearby dumpster. As for Howe, he is nowhere to be found as of yet.

Gaming Machines Gone

The Game Room in Clanton was the site of a police raid Friday night in which several ariana online slots were taken from the premises. The Clanton Police Department and the State Fire Marshallâ ™s Office worked in conjunction to shut down this hall for several reasons. The police had been getting complaints from citizens that underage teens were there during business hours and that they were gambling at the slot machines. They were also concerned because there is no license that the business holds that allows them to have the games they can only own and operate the pool hall.

The Fire Marshall shut them down due to concerns regarding safety in the establishment and there are œconcerns that need to be address before they can move forward with re-opening the spot. The CPD had sent in an undercover agent, so they knew that they were running the place with the slot machines and that allegedly there were underage players in the establishment. With this information they were able to act on it and shut them down while seizing the slot machines.

The Fire Marshallâ ™s Office said that the owners and that they thought that they would be able to get these issues addressed and resolved in no time. They were charged with various safety violations as well as for the fact that they were running slot machine type games without permission. They were also charged with possession of a gambling machine and promoting gambling.