Red Rock Resort Casino Gets Rave Reviews

The Red Rock Casino Resort is scheduled to open in about a weeks time to the public. In what is invariably the most anticipated casino opening since the Wynn Las Vegas, some lucky enough to have already toured the casino are saying that Red Rock is the best casino resort in Las Vegas. And while some are not going so far to say that as well, there is unanimous agreement that Red Rock Resort Casino is the best of all local casinos.

Red Rock Resort Casino Gets Rave Reviews

Coming in at over $925 million, one would surely expect to be impressed by Station Casinos finest ever. Station executives, Lorenzo Fertitta and Frank Fertitta III went out on a limb by putting so much of their company’s assets into a single casino; However, gauging off what people are already saying about the resort, it is very likely the bet will pay off nicely for the Fertitta’s and Station Casinos.

In addition to being a hotspot for local Las Vegas gamblers, Red Rock is undoubtedly going to attract Las Vegas visitors still looking for the pampered Las Vegas experience. Especially for those who may not like the fast pace of the Strip, Red Rock offers an excellent getaway that not many other casinos can. Situated in the far west valley, Red Rock Casino is isolated from the rest of Sin City to a great extent.

Strike up a win for Station Casinos, who have officially broken out of their mold of older, inferior casinos. Even as successful as Station’s Green Valley Ranch was, the fact that the profit is split down the middle with Las Vegas Sun’s Greenspan family, makes this solely owned property the greatest accomplishment for Station Casinos to date. It still may not be the Wynn or the Mirage – offering the horde of amenities that these powerhouse resorts do; However, Red Rock Casino Resort blows much of the Las Vegas competition out of the valley, no pun intended.

Pennsylvania Lottery Has Record Breaking Year in Ticket Sales

The news is in. Pennsylvania residents are hungry for gambling. Not only is Pennsylvania becoming one of the fasting growing casino gambling markets in the States, they are generating some serious revenues in the lottery sector as well. Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Revenue, Thomas W. Wolf, has just announced that 2006-07 sales in lottery tickets were at an all-time high, helping to continue funding health programs for Pennsylvania’s elderly.

In terms of net revenue going to the Lottery Fund in 2006-07, this was down by 2% from last year’s record breaking year of $967.9 million. The difference was apparently due to a profit-margin decrease in ticket sales, as well as a decrease in Powerball sales, which analysts say was a direct result of fewer high-profile jackpots. Compared to 2005-06, Powerball sales were down by 11%, amounting to a decrease of sales just over the $121 million mark.

And even with the record-setting $3.1 billion in ticket sales, which was $6 million more than the previous year, net revenues were still down for 2006-07. Call it a lucky year for the players, the Pennsylvania Lottery has nothing to worry about. Even with the loss in Powerball sales, instant tickets were up by 7.6% than last year, bringing in a whopping $1.7 billion. Having given $4.4 billion to the Lottery Fund since 2001-02, senior benefit programs are doing very well. Ticket sales also helped to offset nearly a $110 million decrease in sales for terminal-based games, which finished the year generating $1.4 billion. This was still the second best year for terminal-based games (2005-06 holds the record) and games like Treasure Hunt, The Daily Number, Match 6 Lotto, Big 4 and Cash 5 are evidently still quite popular with Pennsylvanians.